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License Our Patent, Make Motocrossboards, Make Millions.

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Looking for a product that has the potential to make your company tens or hundreds of millions of dollars?

You’ve found it.

Consider snowboarding, which would be the closest market comparison to motocrossboarding. According to Snowsports Industries America, snowboarding equipment sales reach around $300 million annually in the US alone. The opportunity for the general public to participate in snowboarding is actually very limited, otherwise the sales figures would be much higher. Snowboarding can only take place half of the year, in the cold, in very limited geographies, on the shortest days of the year, depends on riders using third party lifts in remote areas, and costs $50+ per day per rider. Which brings up another point, snowboarders spend another few hundred million dollars on lift tickets annually

Motocrossboarding has none of those restrictions and is far more accessible to the average consumer. The consumer’s initial investment is similar to buying all the necessary snowboarding equipment and then it doesn’t require a lift ticket. It can be done almost anywhere, any time, any season, by almost anyone for a few cents per hour. It can even become a form of low cost, extremely cool transportation with the ability to be configured to meet moped classification in most states. Given that, it’s arguable that motocrossboarding could not only match but could quite possibly eclipse the $300 million in annual sales for snowboarding equipment.

Performance Concepts, Inc. will consider licensing or sale of our intellectual property covering the motocrossboard. Considering that the R&D is done, the product is ready to market, and millions of people will see the motocrossboard on several highly rated TV Shows in the next few months, with some shows repeating for years, this is a very attractive opportunity.

Interested parties should e-mail us at contact[a] or CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL US. Because we get many inquiries about this, inquiries without full contact information including name, phone, e-mail address, employer and title will not receive a reply.

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