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Performance Concepts, Inc., a privately held Georgia, US corporation, is the assignee of the pending patent covering the motocrossboard. This offers what’s as close to a 20 year monopoly over a new industry as can be had.

PCI has developed the motocrossboard to the point of a finished, marketable product in several distinct versions and is currently offering motocrossboards for sale. PCI owns tooling and the knowledge to manufacture the motocrossboard. No further R&D spending is needed to get the product to mass market. Considering that it took $100 million in R&D spending to get the Segway to market, the realization is that having a finished product that is ready to market is monumental.

The motocrossboard garnered several national and international TV appearances before the it was even in production. Of particular note is a segment on History Network’s flagship show Modern Marvels. The episode, “Weird Machines” will likely air several hundred times in the coming years on H2 and History channel. New episodes of Modern Marvels from 2010 aired an average of 26 times each within their first year. With History being the #1 cable channel, astute marketers realize that the motocrossboard’s appearance on Modern Marvels is a highly valuable asset. It’s practically worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in exposure since it will air so many times for years and years to come. It’s a perpetual, free ad campaign that will likely put the patent pending motocrossboard, its distinct logo, and unique name in front of tens or even hundreds of millions of potential buyers. Soon consumers will be asking their favorite retailers about buying motocrossboards.

Performance Concepts, Inc. has virtually no debt and is owned by the family and friends of the inventor / CEO, with one individual holding the vast majority of shares. Besides being a talented inventor and designer, the inventor / CEO is top performing corporate recruiter / headhunter and is particularly skilled but not limited to recruiting engineers and manufacturing management.

Sales of most other powersports and outdoor equipment continues to decrease. The Motocrossboard and Performance Concepts, Inc. has no where to go but up. The question is, who is going to take it to the top and become the next business and social icon like Jake Burton Carpenter or Richard Branson? Someone or some corporation has the chance to create a hundred million or even billion dollar industry.

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