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2012 MXB Shocker R (Highest Performance, Electric)

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Price: $2,699.00

ON SALE $2699, normally $2999.00.

The MXB SHOCKER R is the fastest and most powerful motocrossboard we currently sell. The 48 V, 10 AH, 60 amp, LiFePO4 battery pack and huge brushless motor combine to provided over twice as much torque as the MOTO-GTR. Because of it’s high torque it has a higher top speed, and still out climbs and out accelerates the MOTO-GTR. All that and it still requires less maintenance and has a lower operating cost. It uses about 15 cents worth of electricity per hour.

It was designed to be simple, fun, and easy to ride, use and maintain. It is at home on dirt, rolling single track, pavement, grass, fire roads and track and freestyle riding. Weighing in around 70 lbs, it’s possible to carry several of them on top of your car. With the standard 48 V, 10 AH, LiFePO4 battery pack ride time exceeds an hour, or around 18 miles. Range increases significantly for lighter riders. Ride time could be doubled with the extra battery option, and yet adds only 10 lbs. It comes geared for a top speed of 28 mph. With 5 in. of plush suspension travel, it negotiates even rough trails with ease. Small rocks, roots and ruts are unnoticeable. Skilled riders can climb hills of 50 degrees or more.

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries are the newest battery technology and can allow electric vehicles to out perform gasoline engined vehicles. They deliver consistent performance throughout the charge range. These are not like the batteries in your laptop computer. LiFePO4 is an extremely safe battery chemistry and offers an extraordinary useful life. After the LiFePO4 battery it is fully charged and depleted 3000 times, it will still charge to around 70% capacity. Common lead acid batteries generally have a useful life of around 500 charges. Although the initial cost is higher, over the long run, LiFePO4 batteries are more cost effective. LiFePO4 batteries generally weigh about 1/3rd of what lead acid batteries weigh for the same watt hours.

Drive System-

Motor- Electric, high torque brushless, 48v, DC

Battery- Rechargeable, LiFePO4, 48V, 10AH, fully charges in 2 hours

Max Power- 2500 watts / 3.35 HP, over 5 ft-lbs torque

Transmission- Automatic, single speed


Frame-Cast 535 Aluminum Magnesium alloy and Chromoly tubing

Suspension Front-Swing Arm; Travel 5 in.

Suspension Rear-Swing Arm; Travel 5 in.

Shocks- Coil over nitrogen and oil filled damper, adjustable spring rate, pre-load, rebound damping

Brakes- Rear disc

Tires- 20 x 2.25

Compatible Bindings-MXB Cam Strap and Moto XC intuitive release bindings, MXB Hook and Release bindings, MXB Grip Deck


Weight- ~70 lbs

Top speed- Geared for 28 MPH (depends on rider weight and ability)

Range-18 miles / 1.25 hrs (depending on rider weight, gearing and terrain)

Terrain Virtually anywhere a rider has the skill to ride it except in water

Buy purchasing a motocrossboard, the buyer agrees to the Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy (click here to review) and the Motocrossboard Ride Waiver and Release (click here to review) and agrees to sign and return the waiver and release form for each rider to Performance Concepts, Inc. before shipment of order.

    Payments are 100% refundable within the first 30 days of payment date. Orders placed today will ship in 8 weeks. Due to demand, there will likely continue be a 6 to 8 week lead time. You can also reserve a motocrossboard of your choice by paying a $100 refundable deposit. Click here for deposit info.

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