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$100 Refundable Deposit to Reserve a Motocrossboard

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Price: $100.00

Performance Concepts Inc. is now allowing potential buyers to reserve a motocrossboard by paying a $100 refundable deposit.

Why would you want to pay a deposit?
Motocrossboards are batch manufactured. We make enough motocrossboards to fill the orders we have on hand plus a few extra. Once the batch is sold out, it could be months before there are any more machines are in stock. When a potential buyer pays a deposit, we increase the batch size to meet the demand. Near completion of manufacture, the potential buyer is given the option of paying in full or receiving a refund of the deposit.

Potential buyers can request a 100% refund of their deposit at any time by e-mail to

Orders are filled in the order that full payment is received.

Paying a deposit does not constitute a sales agreement. Performance Concepts Inc. reserves the right to refund deposits at any time for any reason.

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